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What causes most flat roof leaks?

Unless your commercial flat roofing has been damaged by intense heat (i.e. fireworks, cigarettes, etc.), storm-related projectiles (i.e. branches, debris, etc.), or service personnel (i.e. HVAC, general construction, etc.), most leaking flat roofs leak because they have exceeded their functional life and are no longer waterproof. Over time, the ongoing heating and cooling of the roofing membrane expands and contracts the roofing system components and literally starts pulling the roof apart at the seams and edges.

How much does commercial flat roofing cost?

The cost for a new flat commercial roof varies widely based on size, composition, condition, layout of the existing roof, and the number, type, size, and spacing of penetrations. Additional factors are the number, length, height, and capping of parapets, as well as the type, composition, and construction of the new roof.

How long does a new flat commercial roof last?

The average flat commercial roof will last between 7 to 15 years before it starts to leak. The best new commercial flat roofing systems will be waterproof for 20 to 30 years.

“Our first Duro-Last roof was installed in 1997. When we had Manchester Roofing Systems install Duro-Last on another roof at our facility in 2016, there were a few cut nails that had worked their way out of the concrete deck and were impacting the membrane. Manchester was able to replace those nails with screws and weld the PVC closed again keeping us leak-free for 26 years.”
Steven VanName
New Jersey Rivet
Camden, NJ

What is the best new commercial flat roofing material?

There are three primary new flat roof single-ply materials. These include TPO, EPDM & PVC. TPO is the least expensive, providing a white new flat commercial roof with welded seams. The American Society for Testing and Materials has required TPO to be reformulated three times because of premature cracking, according to Sika Sarnafil. Black EPDM rubber is a very durable new flat commercial roof membrane. However, it depends on tape to keep water out of the seams, it’s not energy efficient, and without reinforcing, it will become unstable over time.

PVC has had the same proven formulation for over 40 years with seams that are welded to form a monolithic flat commercial roof waterproof membrane. PVC is also Energy Star ® efficient and does not support flame-spread like TPO and EPDM. It also remains weldable for modifications and repairs throughout its life.

“After all my research and seeing the final roof, Duro-Last PVC is really the only way to go..”
Mark DeRita
DeRita Woodworking
Malvern, PA

“I know you couldn’t see me smiling last week, but Manchester Roofing Systems and Duro-Last put a smile on my face. With all the rain and horrific conditions, it was the first time in years that we didn’t have a leak in our maintenance building roof.”
Bob Yanders
Northampton Area School District
Northampton, PA

What’s the best flat commercial roof warranty?

While most flat commercial roof warranties have loopholes big enough to drive a truck through, Duro-Last stands alone with the strongest warranty in the commercial flat roofing industry. Duro-Last has a supreme 15 to 20-year warranty that includes consequential damage coverage for your building. Most flat roof warranties require annual inspection reports in order to keep the warranty in effect. While it’s certainly a good idea to walk your roof once a year and after any bad storms to check for damage, being required to file annual inspection reports is often overlooked and voids the warranty coverage. Duro-Last’s 15-year and 20-year warranties do not require filing maintenance reports to keep warranty coverage in effect.

Almost every commercial flat roofing warranty provides for repairs if there’s a problem. Duro-Last includes not only repairs but replacements too. If you want to know how good a flat commercial roofing system really is and how well the investment in your building is going to be protected in the future, start with the warranty.

“Since risk-reduction is very important to our closely held firm, I was particularly interested in the warranties Manchester Roofing Systems was forthright in providing us copies of beforehand. It was really night and day between what Duro-Last offers in terms of not having all the exclusions and maintenance requirements that other commercial roof manufacturers do.”
Kevin McClure
Penguin Industries
Coatesville, PA