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Manchester Roofing Systems is one of the most sought-after  commercial roofing contractor in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We provide commercial roofing in Bucks County, PA and beyond. When you schedule your commercial roofing service with Manchester System Roofing System, you can be sure that not only are we licensed and bonded in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but we are also insured for your protection. Manchester Roofing Systems are the local expert in commercial roofing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Whether it’s a small commercial roof repair, a large commercial roof restoration, or a large commercial roof replacement, we have everything you need to get the job done right.

No matter what type of roofing material you choose or how hard you work on regular maintenance, your roof will eventually need repairs. Your building’s roof is your main line of defense against extreme weather conditions, sun’s uv rays, heavy rainfall and wind, and debris. As the roof ages, these elements can cause your commercial roof to deteriorate. If your roof is wearing down, leaking, or damaged in any way, get in touch with us today to book a FREE roof inspection!

Manchester Roofing Systems is an award winning  commercial roofing contractor in the vicinity of Bucks County, PA. We install, maintain, and repair commercial, industrial, and institutional flat and low-slope roofing systems in the PA, New Jersey, DE area including Bucks County, PA.

Why hire Manchester Roofing Systems for your Commercial Roof in Bucks County, PA

When it comes to commercial roof installation, commercial building owners in Bucks County, PA trust Manchester Roofing Systems to replace or repair their roof.

Our commercial roofing company can assess your needs and find the best solution for your specific situation. Do not compromise on quality; entrust the professionals with all commercial roofing requirements.  Manchester Roofing Systems specializes in installing Duro-Last, The World’s best roof at a great price.

Manchester Roofing Systems is a GAF Master Roofer. We are not only a Duro-Last Certified Master Contractor, but also are called on by their inspectors to perform service work on their behalf.

Manchester Roofing Systems is a member of the Roofing Consultants Institute (RCI) and Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Commercial Roofing Services in Bucks County, PA Tailored to Client’s Needs

It all begins with a free roof inspection. Every roof is different, so we’ll give you all the options you need to make the best choice for you and your budget. We’ll go over all the issues you have and the solutions we have for them.

To get started with your commercial roof in Bucks County, PA, give us a call at 877-220-4590 during business hours or fill out our contact form.

Schedule a Free Inspection in Bucks County, PA

Save money on your utility bills. A top-of-the-line commercial roofing system can reduce your company’s heating and cooling expenses.

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    Commercial Roofing in Bucks County, PA

    Manchester Roofing Systems has a team of experienced and qualified commercial roofers that can provide a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking for roof inspection, roof maintenance, roof repair, roof leak repair, roof replacement or any other commercial roofing service in Bucks County, PA or beyond, we have the knowledge, experience and tools to install and maintain any commercial roofing system. Our roofing experts have served businesses all across PA, NJ, and DE

    GAF Certified Contractor

    Duro-Last® for Commercial Roofing Contractors

    We can install any commercial flat roof or low slope roof in Allentown, PA and beyond. There are many types of type of commercial roofing. However, we recommend Duro-Last®, The World’s Best Roof© roofing for a number of significant reasons.

    The custom-fabricated, single-ply PVC Duro-Last commercial roofing system is suitable for both flat or low-sloping application. It is highly durable and can be installed by approved Duro-Last® contractors, without compromising building operations. Additionally, it is watertight, reflective, chemical-resistant, fire and wind-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance.

    • Warranties that include consequential damages
    • 80-85% seams are factory welded
    • Flashings also pre-fabricated not site made
    • Made with PVC not TPO
    • Every inch of welded seams inspected by Duro-Last

    Testimonials from our Commercial Roofing Clients

    5 Star RatingI would recommend Manchester Roofing to anyone who is faced with roof replacement. From the first time I spoke with Kevin, I knew we were headed in the right direction. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience. After understanding the Duro-Last product and its many advantages, it was clear which roof we were going to install for our 43,000 sq/ft dealership. Knowing how the weather can wreak havoc on a large roof installation, Kevin managed the entire install seamlessly and even called his team in on weekends if the weather was cooperating. The job was completed and delivered as quoted. We will communicate with Kevin and Manchester Roofing for all our roofing needs going forward. ~ Jim Gallagher

    5 Star RatingExperienced and efficient, they did a great job on our Nazareth warehouse roof. Not only did they do the job in a timely manner, but since getting the roof finished, Kevin has called back many times after heavy rain in our Lehigh Valley area to check in with us. We are very happy with the service that Manchester Roofing Systems provided. ~ Lynette Ott

    Commercial Roofing Bucks County, PA FAQs

    Have a roofing-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

    What does a thorough commercial roof inspection include in Bucks County, PA and beyond?

    A full commercial roof inspection includes the following areas: Roof membranes, Roof decking, Vents, Flashing, Gutter Downspouts Drainage pipes. A thorough commercial roof inspection can help prevent roof damage, detect issues early, and prevent expensive future repairs.

    What causes most flat roof leaks in Bucks County, PA and beyond?

    In most cases, flat roofs start leaking because they have exceeded their functional life and are no longer waterproof. Over time, the ongoing heating and cooling of the roofing membrane expands and contracts the roofing system components and literally starts pulling the roof apart at the seams and edges.

    How much does commercial flat roofing cost in Bucks County, PA and beyond?

    The cost for a new flat commercial roof varies widely based on size, composition, condition, layout of the existing roof, and the number, type, size, and spacing of penetrations. Additional factors are the number, length, height, and capping of parapets, as well as the type, composition, and construction of the new roof.

    How long does a new flat commercial roof last?

    The average flat commercial roof will last between 7 to 15 years before it starts to leak. The best new commercial flat roofing systems will be waterproof for 20 to 30 years.

    What is the best new commercial flat roofing material?

    There are three primary new flat roof single-ply materials. These include TPO, EPDM & PVC. TPO is the least expensive, providing a white new flat commercial roof with welded seams.

    The American Society for Testing and Materials has required TPO to be reformulated three times because of premature cracking, according to Sika Sarnafil. Black EPDM rubber is a very durable new flat commercial roof membrane. However, it depends on tape to keep water out of the seams, it’s not energy efficient, and without reinforcing, it will become unstable over time.

    PVC has had the same proven formulation for over 40 years with seams that are welded to form a monolithic flat commercial roof waterproof membrane. PVC is also Energy Star ® efficient and does not support flame-spread like TPO and EPDM. It also remains weldable for modifications and repairs throughout its life.

    What’s the best flat commercial roof warranty?

    Duro-Last has a 15 to 20-year warranty that includes consequential damage coverage for your building. Duro-Last warranty includes not only repairs but replacements too. If you want to know how good a flat commercial roofing system really is and how well the investment in your building is going to be protected in the future, start with the warranty.

    Can I get roof coating instead of replacing my roof?

    For low-slope roofs (the technical name for what most people refer to as a flat roof or a commercial roof) that have already started leaking, may not be in the best of shape, or don’t have the best drainage, the most accurate answer is “it really depends”. Some low-slope roofs will benefit from application of professional quality waterproofing roof coatings, but there are a number of important criteria that will affect whether it’s a cost-effective way to extend the life of a roof or just a Band-Aid for which the money spent would have been better put towards a new roof instead. Click here to read more about roof coatings.

    What is the difference between a commercial roof and a residential roof?

    While commercial and residential roofing systems serve the same purpose of protecting property, they differ significantly in terms of the materials used in their construction and installation.

    Commercial roofs are typically constructed from single-ply materials such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM. Residential roofs, on the other hand, are typically constructed from concrete or modified bitumen. Some residential roofs are built from tar and gravel. Because there are so many different types of commercial roofing systems to choose from, it is important to select a reputable contractor who provides extensive commercial roofing services so that you can be sure of the quality of your work.

    Commercial Roofing Projects in Bucks County, PA and Beyond

    About Manchester Roofing Systems

    Manchester Roofing Systems is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated Duro-Last Master Contractor based in West Caln, PA on the eastern edge of Lancaster County.  Manchester Roofing System’s location affords both low-overhead & good highway access to a large portion of the mid-Atlantic region including PA, NJ, DE & MD.  Manchester Roofing Systems is a commercial roofer & industrial roofer and specializes in commercial roofing, industrial roofing, flat roofing & low-slope roofing.

    Manchester Roofing Systems can be reached at 877-220-4590.

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