The biggest difference between commercial and residential roofs is the slope. Since flat roofs are not sloped, they are composed of different materials than sloped ones. Due to this, the signs that you are in need of commercial roof repairs can vary from the signs you would see on a residential one. Here are a few of the signs that every commercial building owner should know in regard to their roof.

1. Blistering or Bubbling

If you notice blistering or bubbling on your roof, water may be seeping under your membrane. If this issue is not corrected, it can lead to water damage or roof leaks. The membrane will likely need to be replaced in the affected area to resolve the problem, but you can sometimes get away with repairs if the damage isn’t extensive.

2. Flashing Damage

One part of the roof that many building owners are not familiar with is the flashing. The flashing is thin pieces of metal strips that go around the edges of items that protrude through the roof, such as vents or plumbing stacks. The flashing can become damaged due to wind, hail, or flying debris. If it is damaged, it must be replaced.

3. Pooling Water

One of the misconceptions about flat roofs is that they are actually flat. While they are not as sloped as residential roofs, they are still slightly angled, which allows water to drain from the roof. If you notice water sitting on the surface, commercial roof repairs are needed to prevent water damage.

4. Smell of Mildew

A mildew-like scent in your building comes from somewhere. If you smell it beneath your roof, there is a high probability that the scent is being caused by water leaking through your roof. A roofer can determine where the water is leaking from and fix the issue.

According to This Old House, when properly installed and maintained, flat roofs can last up to 25 years. However, these roofs may need commercial roof repairs at some point during their lifespan. Knowing what signs indicate roof damage can help you get the issues addressed before they grow in size and scope. If you suspect that your roof is not performing at its best, we can help. Call Manchester Roofing Systems today to book an appointment.

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