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A Few Words From Our Customers …

Roofing System for Northhampton Area School

“It’s been a little busy around here with school back in session, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for one of the best roofing systems and installations I have yet to see. I know you couldn’t see me smiling last week, but Manchester Roofing Systems and Duro-Last put a smile on my face. With all the rain and horrific conditions we had it was the first time in years that we didn’t have a leak in our maintenance building roof.

I was impressed with your organizational skills seeing how your 20 plus job boxes were set up in sequential order on our roof. Organization speaks for itself on any type of installation.

Thanks again for your installation and attention to detail that left us with one great roof. Please feel free to have anyone interested in having a roof installed by Manchester Roofing with a Duro-Last roof to give me a call.”

Robert J. Yanders, Director of Operations
Northampton Area School District Northampton, PA
Phone: 610-261-0585


Duro-Last Roof

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new Duro-Last roof and the work your crew performed for us at our new location. When confronted with the decision to replace the existing roof on the building we had just purchased, we investigated and priced every possible re-roof option. In the end the Duro-Last provided us with the most economical and best roof we had hoped for in addition to the fact that our building is much cooler in the summertime. After all my research and seeing the final roof, this product is really the only way to go. Thanks again.”

Marc DeRita, Owner
DeRita Woodworking
Malvern, PA
Phone: 610-644-7600

Duro-Last Roof

“Several years ago it was determined we would have to do something with our roof. Our options were very limited and expensive due to the type of roof construction. The building was built back in the 1950’s with a flat coal tar pitch & stone roof. When bids started coming in we were looking at any choice we had due to the high cost of the repairs. Starting at $1,500,000 to replace the roof in its entirely and down to $40,000 to make limited repairs.

Our roof is over 80,000 square feet and leaked like a sieve. The most disturbing news we got was the standard warranty from most roofing material manufacturers (or I might say rather lack of warranty you receive from all the hidden clauses and disclosers). After some time we started bringing roofing company’s in to see firsthand their products. When Manchester Roofing came in with their product of choice (Duro-Last) the answer was made very simple.

Considering cost, time of installation disruption to our production and warranty they got the job. We have never been more completely satisfied with a decision than this one. Everything that was promised, and when it was promised, happened. For about 20% of the cost of replacing our old roof we got a new leak-proof Duro-Last roof plus a very good warranty. I recommend Manchester Roofing and Duro-Last to anyone who wants a clean, timely, professional, long lasting, and leak free roof repair.

Our savings by having gone with Manchester Roofing has allowed us to buy production equipment and stay ahead of our completion all while fixing a wet manufacturing building. I could never say enough good things about Kevin Valenta and his recommended product; it truly was a pleasant experience.”

E.F.Helker, Maintenance Supervisor
Potts Welding
Newark, DE 
Phone: 302-453-2550

Roof Repairs

“My family & I would like to thank you for the roof repairs on our family run business. As a building inspector and codes officer in one of the largest municipalities in Montgomery County, I meet many contractors and see a wide range in quality of work. Manchester Roofing is one of the most professional contractors I have encountered. Although our roof was far from what would be considered a large job to most contractors, it was very important to us and you treated it as such.

Not only did you recommend the best quality products but also advised on what would be the best choices for our money. I appreciate you taking the time to communicate all aspects of the job to everyone involved. After having no luck with other companies, I am happy to report back that the new coating has held steady through the heavy rains since the job’s been done. Your work and great results speak for themselves.”

Ernest Pendleton
Building Inspector & Codes Officer
Lower Merion Township
Phone: 610-645-6173

Multi-tenant Flex Space Building

“Our multi-tenant flex space building in Newark had ongoing leaks due to the age of the existing roof. We knew a new roof was needed to keep our tenants happy but the size of the building at 1,400,000 square feet made it a large expense. Once we entered into a new lease with our primary tenant we knew it was time to move forward with our roof. After our property manager solicited bids from several roofing contractors we asked each one for information on the system they recommended.

When Manchester Roofing came into our office, we were very impressed with logic behind the pre-fabrication that is used in the Duro-Last system (being that most seams are done in the plant vs. on the roof) they recommended and the warranty. Since risk-reduction is very important to our closely held firm, I was particularly interested in the warranties Manchester Roofing was forthright in providing us copies of beforehand. It was really night and day between what Duro-Last offers in terms of not having all the exclusions and maintenance requirements that other commercial roof manufacturers do.

In spite of some wet ceiling tiles from a surprise thunderstorm, everything went smoothly especially given the scale of the job. Manchester treated our tenants as if they were the customers, which reflected well on us, and did a great job. Our tenants are happy to have a guaranteed leak-free roof for a long time to come and we’re very pleased to have restored the value of an important asset with a very marketable roof system.”

Kevin R. McClure
Vice President, Finance
Penguin Industries
Coatesville, PA 
Phone: 610-857-2000

Duro last roof – Echelon Medical Center Condominium Association

I have been an owner and managing partner of the Echelon Medical Center Condominium Association since 1971. When our building was first completed in 1971, it had a flat, hot tarred roof. This only lasted for approx. 10 to 12 years, before we began to develop leaks. On top of this we placed a urethane/foamed roof, developed by Dow Corning. This was much better, and gave us another 15 years or so of service. However cracks began to develop and we placed our first Dura Last roof in 1996.

In 2012 we decided to put solar panels on our flat roof. While at 16 years old our first Duro-Last roof was still in great shape, the 15 year warranty had expired and the new solar panels are warranted for 25 year so we decided to place a second new Dura last roof over the first. Although we were not having any issues, it seemed logical to put down a new roof, before placing the 25 year warranted panels over it.

Manchester Roofing Systems did an excellent job. The work was well done, performed in a timely and professional manner. I would be most happy to recommend them to anyone interested.

Joseph A. Yablonicky, DDS
Echelon Medical Center, Pres., 
Voorhees, NJ
Phone: 856-795-3808