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Who was the customer?

DeRita Woodworking in Malvern, Chester County, PA

DeRita Woodworking promises to deliver an exceptional custom cabinet, with a superior fit and finish, based on your unique style.  Fine craftsmanship by experienced woodworkers at an exceptional value is what DeRita Woodworking has provided for over 30 years

Manchester Roofing Systems

What was the old roof?

The old roof was EPDM that had been leaking for some time causing interior damage.  The low-slope roof has no parapets.  The roof substrate was dry but the old EPDM had wrinkles large enough they needed to be removed before installation of the new roof.  The deck had an average fastener withdraw pull-test strength of 450 LB.

Manchester Roofing Systems

What is the new roof?

The new roof is Duro-Last 50 mil reinforced white PVC.  The roofing  membrane is mechanically attached through the old roofing material directly to the roof deck saving the expense of tear-off & new insulation and ensuring the most reliable resistance to high-winds.  Seams are welded with the safety of hot air and are permanent unlike taped seams.   The Duro-Last Supreme Warranty covers consequential damages, ponding water, and has no required maintenance reporting.  Duro-Last is  Energy Star® rated and highly- resistant to the expansion & contraction that degrade black roofs.   No TPO is used to make Duro-Last, only PVC that has been proven over the last 40 yrs.

Duro-Last - Manchester Roofing Systems
Manchester Roofing Systems

About Manchester Roofing Systems

Manchester Roofing Systems is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated Duro-Last Master Contractor based in West Caln, PA on the eastern edge of Lancaster County.  Manchester Roofing System’s location affords both low-overhead & good highway access to a large portion of the mid-Atlantic region including PA, NJ, DE & MD.  Manchester Roofing Systems is a commercial roofer & industrial roofer and specializes in commercial roofing, industrial roofing, flat roofing & low-slope roofing.

Manchester Roofing Systems can be reached at 877-220-4590.

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